Personal Preference

Even God shows personal preference, why can't developers just accept it when choosing frameworks. Our recent discussions about what framework to go with in the Ghost Admin UI have been remarkably civil. We're looking for someone to pipe in for Angular because so far we've had a lot of people… »

Implementing caching in Gulp

Adding caching to Gulp tasks by way of a proxying pipeline task. Okay, I totally made up the phrase "proxying pipeline task" but I'm not really sure what to call what I'm going to describe here today. Bear with me, this will be my first kind of technical blog post… »

Simplicity usually wins

Contrasting the difference between Gulp and Grunt; Grunt is made with simplicity in mind where Gulp has a higher learning curve but ultimately a better architecture. I've previously been a vocal opponent of some of the practices that Grunt encourages, but the fact is that it's so popular because they've… »


Gather 'round friends, I'd like to share with you a parable of folly and pride. About a year ago I was feeling cock strong and big headed. The way one gets sometimes when working mostly by themselves and yet accomplishing great things. I was annoyed that a particular project was… »

Make art make money

Make art Make art make money Make money make art At first glance, it might seem like the 3 sentences above are straight out of some get rich quick scheme. Don't worry, I'm not here to sell you anything today. Those are a set of "guidelines" from Make Art Make… »

A New Start

This is my first post written on a Node.js blogging platform I've been helping to create over the last couple months. I'm impressed with how far Ghost has come in the small amount of time it has had, but hopefully it's just the beginning of something special. I've been… »